girl turned mosquito

“girl turned mosquito” é um dos 3 poemas que o escritor jacob steinberg traduziu para o novo jornal esferas, feito pelos estudantes do departamento de português e espanhol da universidade de nova york:

“when the internet goes out” é outro, e todos me trazem orgulho e surpresa:

when the internet goes out
nonsensical things can happen
but not without clicking refresh
or before the refreshment of entertaining
a momentary lapse
insects inside the equipment

when the page goes blank
whisking away a link to be lost
forever, that’s when an itch appears
then we find that the lyrical I
carried months of hives
or prickly heat
or the worst kind of mycosis

when no one types out any word
our hero or heroin
gets up feeling dizzy to cross the street
and finds unexpected trees
in the balcony, four or five
unconscious relatives
standing in the house’s stairwell